Sorry, but there are currently no tickets for sale. Please try again later.

Ticket payment is processed through PayPal.  You have the option of simply entering your credit card information (without logging into PayPal) or logging in and using a PayPay account.  Please print and bring your emailed receipt for ease of checking in at the Will Call table.


For reserving tickets for groups from public schools, elderly homes, etc., please contact Tanya Selle at selle@kabdc.org

Group ticket rates:

10 or more people – 10% off

20 or more people – 15% off

We can reserve group tickets within 7 days of payment (pay by PayPal link or check).


If your party requires special consideration or accessible seating, or if you have any issues regarding the tickets, please email Tanya Selle at selle@kabdc.org.

Please note that tickets are refundable until May 12th, 2017.  After this date, tickets are non-refundable.