What do I wear and bring to the audition?

  • Females: black leotard with spaghetti straps, pink tights, and pink soft ballet shoes (no pointe shoes)
  • Males: white T-shirt, grey/black tights, white socks, and white ballet shoes (preferred color)
  • Bring the following 5” by 7” photos and write your name on the back of each photo (please wear soft ballet shoes):
    • Head shot (hair in a bun for girls)
    • Tendu in à la seconde (ages 10-11 only)
    • First arabesque
    • Develope in à la seconde (ages 12-19 only)

Is pointe required to attend summer intensive?

Yes, all students must have had some introduction to pointe work.

When will I hear my audition results?

Auditioners will be emailed results (invited, not invited, or wait-listed) within a week of their audition day.

Can I get feedback on my audition?

Due to the volume of students we see on our audition tour, we are not able to provide individual feedback.

I registered for a location and date, but due to inclement weather or sickness am unable to attend, can I audition at another time or in another way?

In the event of uncontrollable circumstances, we will offer an alternate audition time/method.  For such inquiries, please email

I attended last year, do I have to audition again?

All students are required to audition, regardless of having already attended or been invited to the program.



Is it possible to attend less than the 5 week program?

Due to the nature of the program and progression we require participants to attend the full program.

I have been invited to the Summer Program. When do I submit my deposit?

As soon as possible to secure your spot! We enroll on a first-come, first-served basis; once the program reaches capacity, we no longer accept enrollments.

Where can I find tuition and deposit information?

On our website, in the Summer Ballet Intensive page.

Can I be considered for the Year Round Program regardless of audition method?

Yes.  Those students showing a high degree of artistic talent and potential to succeed in the Vaganova curriculum may be invited directly into the Year Round Program without being required to attend summer first. These students are notified at the time of receiving their audition results.

I have been placed on the Waiting List after my audition. What should I do?

Status updates will be made on February 15 and will be announced via e-mail.

Does KAB offer scholarships for the Summer Intensive?

The Academy offers a limited number of artistic scholarships that are granted at the sole discretion of the Artistic Department and are independent of student/parent requests. Artistic awards are based solely on artistic merit and applied to artistic tuition only. Students who receive a scholarship are notified with their audition results.  Financial aid is not offered.

Does KAB have a payment plan option?

We do NOT offer a payment plan for summer tuition payments.

When is the due date for full tuition?

March 14, 2016

When will I receive my enrollment package?

The summer enrollment packet will be distributed in late March for those who have submitted an enrollment agreement contract.



How many students attend the Summer Intensive?

Our program reaches capacity at 160 dancers.  Class sizes range from 20 to 30 students for girls and 10 to 20 for boys.

What is the dress code for ballet classes?

Girls’ Ballet Attire:

  1. Black tank/camisole leotard (T-straps or spaghetti): gathered (pinch-front), V-front, shelf lining (e.g. Capezio, Wear Moi, So Danca, Danskin)
  2. Pink theatrical tights: 100% nylon, footed
  3. Pink ballet shoes: elastic, ribbon (sewn on inside of shoe)
  4. Pink pointe shoes: elastic & ribbon (sewn on inside of shoe)
  5. Black character shoes: similar to Capezio Student Footlights, 1½” heel (CH-50 in KAB catalog)
  6. Black, nylon wrap character skirt: tapered, not chiffon or cascade. Length: 16” in the front, 20” in the back. Mirelle is acceptable (MS8 in KAB catalog) and will be sold in KAB boutique.
  7. Hairnets/bobby pins: (silver and black/brown bobby pins)


Boys’ Ballet Attire:

  1. White or black cotton t-shirts: short sleeve, shirt color same color as socks
  2. Black tights, footed: no white tights
  3. Black dance cummerbund (these may be purchased at KAB)
  4. White ballet shoes: elastic (shoes  same color as socks and shirt)
  5. Black character shoes: similar to Capezio Flexible Jazz Oxford or Split Sole Supreme (Sodanca tie-up jazz shoes acceptable, JZ10 in KAB catalog)
  6. White or black socks (see color matches above)


How will I know what level or class I will be placed in?

In keeping with the traditional Vaganova method, students are assigned to their ballet groups based on age. Initial group assignments are not a reflection of the student’s talent or ability. However, after observation, adjustments may be made in the first week of the program. Students will receive their class assignment during check-in on arrival day.  We are not able to give this information out prior to arrival day.

Is pointe class offered?


Is partnering class offered?

Partnering is typically offered to the advanced levels, once or twice a week. If the schedule allows, we try to offer partnering to the younger levels, although this is not guaranteed.

How much ballet instruction do students typically receive each day?

Students are scheduled in their ballet class for 3 hours each day, Monday – Friday. The other 3 hours of the day are spent in classes like contemporary, character, floor barre, ballet history, drama, nutrition, etc.  Saturday is a half day comprised of non-ballet classes.

Will I know my ballet teacher in advance?

No.  Class placement is shared with students on arrival day.

Are parents allowed to watch classes during the program?

In order to respect the learning environment and eliminate distractions, parents are not permitted to watch classes in progress.  An observation day is scheduled at the end of the program for parents to come and watch their child dance.



How will my child travel to/from Kirov Academy if I am unable to accompany him/her?

KAB will pick up and drop off students traveling unaccompanied from Reagan National Airport (DCA) and Union Station. We pick up between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm on the designated arrival day. On departure day, students must vacate their dorms by noon and have departure times prior to 3 pm. More details are offered in the enrollment packet.

IMPORTANT: Students traveling with a parent/guardian or students arriving to other airports (BWI, Dulles) must arrange their own transportation to and from KAB.

Can I ship boxes to KAB in advance of the summer program?

Yes. Please feel free to ship items/packages to KAB either in preparation for the Summer Intensive Program (for instance, boxes filled with linens or other residential needs). The Academy is not responsible for shipping boxes back to students at the end of the session. All items need to be shipped to KAB (NOT Trinity) and addressed as follows:

Student Name

Summer Intensive

Kirov Academy of Ballet

4301 Harewood Road NE

Washington, DC  20017


Do you recommend any hotels when visiting your Academy?

Hampton Inn
Rate link: KIROV Hampton

Homewood Suites
Rate link: KIROV Homewood

The George Hotel
Rate code: KRA

The Washington Court Hotel on Capitol Hill
Rate code: KABDC

Phoenix Park Hotel
Rate code: KIROV

Joie de Vivre/Liaison Capitol Hill Hotel
Rate code: KIROV



I would prefer that my child live at KAB, can I request this?

The determining factors for assigning dorms are birth date and number of students. We CANNOT promise housing location to any 13 or 14 year old as enrollment may change at the last minute. We make no exceptions.

What are the dorm rooms like?

Rooms at both KAB and Trinity are double-occupancy and air-conditioned.  Majority of dorm bathrooms are shared with those on the same hall floor.

What do students need to bring with them to live in the dorms?

A comprehensive list is available to students that enroll.  Important items on the list include: alarm clock, bed linens, towels, personal toiletries, sunscreen, Pilates/yoga mat, and foam roller.

We encourage ALL students to have a working cell phone in their possession; however we discourage the use of expensive electronics.

Is there Wifi during the Summer Intensive Program?

We do not offer Wifi to students in the KAB building, but have a computer lab that students can access throughout the day and the evening.  We want students to minimize their use of computers and engage with their friends and activities in the evenings! Older students who reside at Trinity will have access to Wifi in the evenings after they return to their dorms.

How are roommate requests handled?

Enrolled students will fill out a roommate request form distributed by KAB.  Both students must request each other in order for the request to be honored.  They also need to fall within the same dorm assignment, which is based on age.

How are meals handled?

Meals are included in the cost of tuition for resident students; commuter students may dine at KAB for $3 per meal.  Meal tickets can be purchased at the front desk.  Students with dietary restrictions or concerns should discuss them with the school nurse on arrival day at orientation.

What is oversight like?

The KAB dorms are staffed 24 hours a day with professionally trained resident advisors as well as front door security staff.

The Trinity dorms are vacant of all students and staff during the day. Two resident advisors manage the Trinity boarders in the evening and overnight until they return to KAB in the morning for their classes.

Are students chaperoned when off campus?

Students age 13 and under who live at KAB are chaperoned at all times when off campus.  A variety of in-house and external activities are hosted for students who are not allowed to leave campus on their own.

Students 14 and older, who live at Trinity, are permitted to walk around the campus and leave the premises in groups based on their assigned code. These excursions are not chaperoned. Resident advisors plan in-house activities for Trinity students in the evenings.

Can I allow my child to go out in smaller groups than designated by the age requirements?

We do not upgrade students above their age, even with parental request. We also do not recommend downgrading a student, though ultimately it is the parent’s decision to do this. Our Leave Permission Codes are based on thorough knowledge of our neighborhood and city, as well as years of experience managing students in our programs.

Is physical therapy offered during the Summer Intensive?

We offer transportation to a nearby PT office for students that have a script for PT.  Students should not attend the program if they have injuries that prevent or hinder them from dancing.

Are there planned activities for my child when they are not dancing?

We offer weekly trips to either Target, CVS, or Yes! Organic Market for all resident students.  There is also a weekly social event for all students.

Are housekeeping services offered?

No.  Students are responsible for keeping their rooms tidy and doing their own laundry.  Laundry machines are available.  Coins are required at Trinity, but not KAB.  Students must supply their own detergent.  Detergent is available for purchase at KAB’s boutique.

How do students receive mail?

For packages, all students must check at the front desk.  Staff notifies students who have not claimed their package after a period of time.  For mail, each students is assigned a file folder, which is located at the bottom of the stairwell near the cafeteria.


Is there an end of summer performance?

No, however there is a ballet demonstration on the last day for all parents to come and observe their child and see their progress!