KAB Junior Ballet Company

Beginning September 2017!!!


KAB Junior Ballet Company

The Junior Company is designed to prepare dancers who have received a high school diploma for a professional career in dance. However, members of the Junior Company are trained specifically to meet the requirements of a professional company. KAB Junior Company life includes daily ballet classes and rehearsals.

The Junior Company is invited to perform at various local venues, participate in Educational Outreach performances throughout the community, and perform in international performances. Company members may be selected to perform with the Universal Ballet Company in Korea.

Throughout the two-year program, the company will provide dancers with the skills necessary to succeed in the highly competitive field of dance. Dancers learn how to prepare for auditions, network, write and communicate effectively. As a rule, the Junior Company is only open for enrollment to newly graduated students or older students up to the age of 21.


This program will take combined ballet technique classes with the Pre-Professional Program.


KAB Junior Ballet Company

  • Tuition per year: $14,000

For more general information and questions, please contact jbc@kabdc.org.