Kirov- George Washington University (Joint artistic and educational program)



The Kirov Academy of Ballet of Washington, DC and The George Washington University (GW) are pleased to announce its new joint artistic and educational program for senior and pre-professional students of the Kirov Academy who are in good academic standing. The program allows students to apply to register in GW undergraduate Theater and Dance courses during the summer, fall and spring terms. Participants will be enrolled on a non-degree basis directly with GW University and taught by the GW faculty on the premises of Kirov Academy. Students will receive college credits that can be later applied to a higher education university degree such as Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA).


The program is designed to combine the acclaimed, rigorous classical ballet training of Kirov Academy with the comprehensive liberal arts education that allows students to discover themselves as future artists and professionals through courses such as Dance History, Stage Design, Modern Dance, Intro to Acting, Dance Kinesiology and others.