Academy Program

(Artistic-only option available)

KAB’s Year-Round academic program is designed for grades 7 through 12. Students wishing to be invited to the Year-Round Program are typically evaluated during the Summer Intensive. Students chosen to attend the Academy’s Year-Round Program are offered four options of study:

Residential with Artistic and Academic: Students in academic grades 7-12 who board at the Academy, combining their academic studies with a dance curriculum that focuses on the pursuit of a classical dance career. 18-year-olds may be permitted to reside at the Academy provided they are still undertaking their senior year of high school and have been granted permission from the Admissions Office.

Commuter with Artistic and Academic: Students who participate in both the academic and artistic courses at the Academy as commuters living with their parent(s) or guardian(s).

Artistic-Only: Open to ages 10 and up, students who participate in the artistic-only program can fulfill their academic studies through home-schooling or other means outside of the Academy.

Academic-Only: Open to grades 7 through 12, students who participate in the academic-only are required to complete at least 24 credits in order to graduate. This includes 4 years of Math, Social Studies, English and the Sciences. In addition, they will need to have 4 years of a second or third language as well as 4 credits in electives.

The centerpiece of our ballet training programs is the Year-round Program, in which aspiring young dancers are trained in the same program as used in the famous Vaganova Ballet Academy, as the great ballet artists of the Mariinsky Theatre have been through. The program offers daily ballet instruction in a residential setting, complete with fully-accredited academics (grades 7-12) and a vibrant resident life — all under one roof!

In addition to being able to pursue both their ballet training and academic studies on campus, resident students in the Year-round Program benefit from a comprehensive health and wellness program that features an on-site nurse (five days a week, and on call all other times), nutritionist and counselor all working together alongside the artistic team to ensure the health and welfare of all Kirov Academy of Ballet students.

Our school nurse is on site five days a week and on call all other times. The nurse is the Academy’s “first line of defense” related to injury prevention and the overall health of our students. KAB has a long-standing relationship with an expert team of pediatric and orthopedic specialists at nearby Children’s Hospital Center. Students are seen quickly and referred to outside specialists as needed. Our nutritionist works with students to address dietary needs, as well as with our kitchen staff to plan weekly menus.  KAB’s health and wellness program helps our students to embody the aesthetic image of ballet dancers while maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.

KAB also provides its students a full range of physical therapy (PT) services as part of its health curriculum. A weekly visit by a registered physical therapist provides students with access to services that allow for increased strength, range of motion, class participation, and performance tolerance. It also allows students to seek treatment regarding reoccurring and/or new injuries, and offers each dancer resources and information to better understand their bodies and the importance of correct technique for maintaining a healthy, injury-free training experience.

Receiving the same Vaganova-based ballet instruction as our resident students, commuter students may also enroll in the Year-round Program while living off-campus with family or friends. Commuter students may opt either to receive their academics on campus or pursue them elsewhere.

Progressing through training levels 1 through 8 in the tradition of the famed Vaganova Ballet Academy (St. Petersburg, Russia), students enrolled in the Year-round Program gain a solid foundation in today’s Vaganova methodology. Students will enhance their technical abilities and acquire an assured knowledge of the structured and logical teaching of the Vaganova technique.


For more information on how to apply, please visit our Admissions Process page.