Health & Wellness

The Kirov Academy of Ballet pays attention to the well being of the whole dancer. Our health and wellness team, which includes a nurse, nutritionist, dance therapist/counselor and Resident Life Manager, works proactively to help our students develop healthy lifestyles necessary for successful ballet dancers.

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Our Health and Wellness Team, which includes a nurse, nutritionist, counselor, and physical therapist, works together to ensure the health and welfare of all our students here at KAB. Each team member brings her/his expertise and experience into the program, while collaborating with other departments, outside providers, and guardians. Maintaining and fostering students’ physical, psychological, and emotional health is a top priority for KAB. Besides individual consultation and counseling, the Health and Wellness Team teaches Life Skills Classes to educate and encourage students to lead healthy lifestyles.


Our school registered nurse is available on site and on call seven (7) days a week. The nurse is Kirov’s “first line of defense” in terms of injury prevention and the overall health of our students. She initiates monthly wellness assessments for each student and addresses any health issues that arise, while communicating concerns to guardians and coordinating plans of care as well. KAB has a long-standing relationship with an expert team of pediatric and orthopedic specialists in the DC metro area. Students are seen promptly and referred to outside specialists as needed.


Our registered nutritionist/dietitian is available to students as needed on site and by email or FaceTime to discuss individual nutrition concerns and promote healthy eating.  She also teaches nutrition classes as part of the Life Skills course. The nutritionist reviews menus and makes recommendations to improve the nutritional quality of the meals served here at KAB.


Our licensed counselor is on site and on call throughout the week. Students can stop by the office or make an appointment in advance. All information shared with the counselor is confidential and treated with the highest care. Counseling topics include but are not limited to self-care, stress-management, self-esteem, body-image, anxiety/stage fright, depression, sleep issues, relationship concerns, academic struggles, and college application/post-graduation plan.

Physical Therapist

KAB also provides our students with a full range of physical therapy services as part of its health and wellness curriculum. Regular consultation with a registered physical therapist provides students access to services that allow for increased strength, range of motion, class participation, and performance tolerance. It also allows students to seek treatment regarding recurring and/or new injuries, and offers each dancer resources and information to better understand their bodies and the importance of correct technique in order to maintain a healthy, injury-free training experience.