Friends of KAB

Founded in 1990, the Kirov Academy of Ballet is the epitome of world-class ballet training. The school prepares students to become the next generation of classically trained ballet dancers through the principles and aesthetics of the Vaganova Method of Classical Ballet taught at the Vaganova Choreographic Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Concurrently, students pursue a multi-faceted academic program including the core subjects and the arts, each furthering the objectives to build a solid educational foundation, and to create, cultivate, and prepare the student for life as a professional artist. Each year, the Kirov Academy places more than 75% of its graduates with professional dance companies around the world, while other graduates choose to further their education at universities with prestigious dance programs.

To maintain its high academic and artistic training standards, KAB relies on donations from generous individuals through Friends of KAB. By becoming a Friend of KAB you are helping the school fulfill its mission while supporting the hundreds of young students who benefit from the rich artistic heritage of Russian Classical Ballet.

Membership in Friends of KAB starts at just $50 and gives you recognition and access to exclusive benefits. Legendary Russian ballerinas and balletomanes identify the different Friend of KAB giving levels.

For the list of dancer levels and to donate, please contact us.