Junior Company

Pre-Professional Track 1

*All applications must be accompanied by a resume/CV.*

Pre-Pro Track 1 is performance-oriented and is otherwise referred to as the Junior Company trainee program. It is a pre-professional trainee program designed for students who wish to pursue further ballet training following their graduation from high school with the goal of pursuing a career as a professional dancer. Trainees of the Junior Company are specifically trained to meet the requirements of a professional company. The Junior Company life includes daily professional ballet coaching and rehearsals based on Vaganova traditional training to develop ballet technique and learn classical and modern repertoire, partnering skills and other artistic styles to enable those in the Junior Company to step towards finding a place in a professional ballet company. The Junior Company is invited to perform at various local venues, participate in Educational Outreach performances throughout the community, and perform in international performances. Junior Company trainees may also be selected to perform with the Universal Ballet in Korea. Throughout the two-year program, the Junior Company provides members with the skills necessary to succeed in the highly competitive field of dance. Company trainees learn how to prepare for auditions, network, write and communicate effectively. ESL can also be taken with this course for an additional fee. All applicants are required to send two audition videos of excerpts of ballet classes and a resume.
The Junior Company also provides professional portraits, ballet photos and video footage for dancers’ resumes. Other special skills and classes include, but are not limited to:

  •         How to write a professional resume and bio
  •         How to send an official letter/email/audition request to professional companies
  •         Where to find lists of professional companies and correct addresses for sending audition documents
  •         Personal recommendations regarding which company(s) each dancer should seek to audition for
  •         How to design a professional online and hard-copy resume and video
  •         How to create and upload YouTube and/or Vimeo video
  •         Simple management skills
  •         Lectures in Nutrition
  •         Lectures and in-depth guidance from a ballet physiotherapist regarding:
  •         How to handle specific ballet injuries
  •         How to avoid specific injuries in weak areas of the body.
  •         Daily exercises

Washington, DC is the perfect location in the U.S. to be able to travel for auditions and competitions at professional companies. Dancers who elect to participate in ballet competitions will be assisted with competition preparation. They may be temporarily excused from classes if they need time to participate in officially scheduled company auditions.

As a rule, enrollment in the Junior Company is open only to newly High School graduated students or older students up to the age of 22.


  • Tuition per year: $14,000
  • Video audition
    • Video audition should include 2 variations of your choice from either performance or rehearsal
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*Pre-Professional Track 2 will come next year! 

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