Teacher Training Program

 Teacher Training Program (TTP)

The Teacher Training Program (TTP) is a two-year program designed to educate and prepare dancers who are seriously interested in pursuing the Vaganova Method of teaching and who have received a high school diploma or GED. During the first year of the program, students will learn the Vaganova Teaching Syllabus from the pre-ballet level through level 4 and during the second year from level 5 through level 8, along with diploma work. This program also provides instruction in both practical and theoretical understandings of ballet including (pas de deux, variations, corps de ballet repertory), character dance, modern dance, dance history & more.  ESL can also be taken with this course for an additional fee. All TTP applicants are required to send two audition videos of excerpts of ballet classes and a resume. 

Program Details:

  1. The main focus of TTP students is Vaganova instruction and choreography. The primary goal of this continued ballet training is to gain the ability to demonstrate ballet combinations in a professional manner, rather than pursue the necessary level of performance proficiency required to join a ballet company as a professional dancer.
  2. Although there may be times when some TTP students are asked to perform or prepare choreography during the two years, in general TTP students will not perform in any concerts or performances. During the second year, some students may be offered the opportunity to teach classes or lead rehearsals.
  3. Some TTP students might be asked to join other students Junior Company or Year Round students for performances if they have attained the level/fitness necessary. If any TTP students require further ballet training, they will be asked to attend Level 7/8 classes temporarily or for a longer period, depending on the situation.
  4. The TTP includes repertoire classes where students will learn variations and corps de ballet choreography from classical ballets and how to rehearse them. An exam on this material will be given 1-2 times a year. Students should be able to demonstrate (as a teacher) the requested choreography.

Exam Details:

In addition to ballet exams, there will be several tests/exams (verbal and written) throughout the Teacher Training Program. TTP students should be able to thoroughly explain and demonstrate what they have learned. The final exam will include three stages (the same as at the Vaganova Ballet Academy):

  1. In front of a panel of teachers, TTP students will answer questions, demonstrate combinations (as a teacher), and more.
  2. Diploma work: TTP students will research and write a paper about one of several approved topics and then present it in front of a panel of judges (teachers and guest artistic professionals).
  3. TTP students will be given a set time period to prepare a class for a requested level, and they will demonstrate teaching this class.


Teacher Training Program

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